T & C

SPORTS TC - Terms & Conditions


Payment Policy

With no exceptions, all bookings must be paid for up front at the time of booking. Options for payment are as follows:

Pay by credit card on the SportsTC app at www.sportstc.com

Pay over the phone using VISA, MasterCard, and American Express: (780) 203-4121, with Armando Sanchez (armando@sportstc.com) or (780) 203-4120, with Jessica Wegmann-Sanchez (jessica@sportstc.com)

For long-term users paying multiple long-term bookings in advance, arrangement may be made to pay by team cheque. Please arrange this with Armando in advance.

We do not accept cash.

Deposits for Long-Term Users (LTU)

Teams or Clubs more with than 6 hours booked in a month would be considered LTU members at Sports TC.

For users booking within less than a month of the booking times, you must pay in full at the moment of booking to secure the dates and times.

For users booking more than 1 month in advance, users must pay the first month of bookings in full, as well as a 25% deposit for any upcoming months in which they wish to reserve bookings. The remaining 75% for each month’s bookings must be paid 5 days before the first day of each new month of training at Sports TC.

The 25% deposit also applies for camps, seminars, and special events at Sports TC.

For any group booking fewer than 6 hours per month, a full payment is required at the time of booking.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits that have been made are non-refundable. However, up to 5 business days before any booking time, users may change any 5 hours or less to another open booking time, and amounts already paid will be credited to the new booking, minus 10% which will be held as a rebooking administration fee. Any team failing to cancel a minimum of five 5 business days prior to practice time will be charged in full the remaining balance for that booking time. Cancellations must be made in writing or by email; verbal cancellations will not be accepted.

Changing 6 hours or more of scheduled booking time within a month requires 15 business days’ notice. Up to 15 business days in advance, users may change their times to another open booking time, and amounts already paid will be credited to the new booking, minus 10% which will be held as a rebooking fee. Any team failing to cancel bookings of 6 hours or more in a month a minimum of 15 business days prior to practice time will be charged in full the remaining balance for those booking times. Cancellations must be made in writing or by email; verbal cancellations will not be accepted.

Double Booking

In the event of an accidental double booking that was the fault of a Sports TC employee, the user will be rescheduled with priority for the next available time that is suitable for the user, with a discount of 50% on the hour(s) that were missed and rescheduled, to be refunded to the affected user, or to count as a credit for future rentals to be booked by the user.

Camera Policy

Photo taking and video recording is permitted from public areas in the facility, outside the turf area. Photos are only allowed after first seeking consent of the individuals, or in the case of a minor, the parents/guardians, of all the individuals being recorded or photographed.

Under no circumstances are photographs or videos allowed to be made in the lobby and washrooms. This includes all electronic devices with camera capabilities.

Individuals violating this policy will be asked to stop taking photos/videos, and further disciplinary action may be implemented.


  1. Play/Train at Your Own Risk

  2. Only Team/Club Participants Allowed on the Turf

  3. No Outdoor Shoes Allowed into Field Area

  4. Indoor Soccer or Running Shoes Only on Turf

  5. No Cleats Allowed

  6. No Gum Permitted Anywhere inside the SPORTS TC. You Will be Banned from the Facility if You are Caught Chewing Gum.

  7. No Gum, Food, or Drink of Any Kind (Except Water) Allowed into the Field Area. (Gum Must Be Placed into a Garbage Bin Before Entering.)

  8. For the safety of players and visitors, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, unshelled pistachios, or unshelled peanuts allowed anywhere on the premises

  9. No Hard Kicks into Protective Nets or Walls; Hard Kicks into Designated Goals Only

  10. No Touching of Protective Netting or Field Dividers

  11. Staff members must be respected at all times.  Disrespect to staff members will not be tolerated and could lead to a player or coach being banned from the facility.

  12. Outside turf area, supervision of minors is required by their parents or guardians at all times. Facilities staff is not responsible for the supervision of children.

  13. No one is permitted onto turf area until their booking time. Players on the field will clear the field area 5 minutes before the booking time of the next group

  14. No pets are allowed inside the facilities. With the exception of licensed service animals, no pets permitted inside of Sports TC. Licensed service animals are permitted and staff should be notified upon their entrance into the facility. Staff may request proof of credentials.

  15. No smoking of any kind permitted. Violation will cause a request to leave the facility. A second offence will result in a facility ban.

  16. Teams and clubs are obligated to leave organized and clean the turf and public areas after use

  17. No Fighting, Spitting, or Foul Language

  18. No Ball Kicking Except in the Turf Area

  19. Shirts Must Be Worn at all Times

  20. Dispose of Your Trash in Receptacles

  21. No Alcohol Prior to Playing and no Alcohol Allowed in the Facility.

  22. Teams are Responsible for the Behaviour of their Players and of their Fans

  23. You must Pay Before You Play

  24. No squirting water or spitting is allowed in the facility

PLAYERS ENTERING THE TURF AREA TO PRACTICE OR PLAY ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR SHIN GUARDS. Coaches and Parents who permit youth players to enter the turf area are responsible to ensure that all players wear shin pads for liability issues. Anyone not wearing shin pads is breaking SPORTS TC rules.

Coaches must sign a liability waiver for their teams. NO ONE IS PERMITTED TO ENTER THE TURF AREA UNLESS THEY OR THEIR COACH HAVE SIGNED THE SPORTS TC WAIVER FORM. You are required to sign the SPORTS TC liability waiver before entering the turf area so as to be covered by SPORTS TC insurance. Failure to sign this waiver before entering means you are breaking SPORTS TC rules and indicates that you agree to enter completely at your own risk and agree to waive any insurance coverage in case of injury. Please acquire the waiver form from SPORTS TC Staff and sign and return before entering. Players who are on a roster are already covered by the signed waiver their coach has submitted. Coaches are responsible to make sure they have signed this waiver.

Failure to Follow any of these rules could lead to an individual or a team being banned from the facility or to legal action for any damages incurred to the facility. If you have questions in regards to the facility, you may send an email to: armando@sportstc.com, or you can call Armando at: (780) 203-4120.